Sledging Troodos Mountains Cyprus

The Troodos Mountains are located in Cyprus and are nearly 2000 metres above sea level. During the winter months they are carpeted in a blanket of snow meaning this Mediterranean island is a perfect winter destination for those wanting sunshine and snow!

The ski season normally runs from January to April though it’s not unusual for it to fall earlier than this. From speaking with locals we knew we were not going to be disappointed as tales came of fully snow capped mountains and blocked roads.

We were making our journey from Paphos, about an hour and a half drive, so were up bright and early to make the most of our day. The Troodos mountain range is located roughly in the middle of the island with the highest peak, Mount Olymous, standing at a height of 1952 metres.

Leaving Paphos we took the coast road (B6) before taking a left onto the F616 road shortly pass the turining for the airport. You can head further along the coast road and take the main F606 by Avdimou but we fancied seeing a bit more of Cyprus.

All was going well until we hit a landslide – not literally – but our road was fully blocked. So we had to do a u-turn and a detour over towards Omodus. It was at this point we needed a loo stop. Seeing what we thought was a hotel we pulled over and headed in. It turned out that we had stumble upon a winery – Oenou Yi – which was actually closed for some repairs and refurbishment. However the staff were present and we ended up having a private FREE winery tour complete with wine tasting (not for the driver unfortunately!), cheese and bread. Funny how things work out – if the road hadn’t been blocked and we hadn’t needed the toilet we would have never discovered this beautiful winery!

Anyhow after our ‘pit-stop’ we continued our journey up the mountains, the road winding and pockets of snow patches appearing more and more, until we arrive at the village of Troodos. Here you will find a handful of eateries, souvenir shops and places to rent sledges. After a cup of tea and a wander in the snow we hit the road again to climb even higher.

We take the F935 mountain road up to the peak. Despite a heavy snow the road is clear. We had heard that the road is often shut or only vehicles with snow chains are permitted to pass. On this occasion though our mighty Fiesta hire car was not to be beaten!

Passing the Sun Valley restaurant and ski centre we are not content with stopping until the road becomes no more! The cloud thickens and the snow is heavier but the road is still passable. We continue climbing until we finally reach the military base at the top, and the end of the road! So yes it is possible to drive to the top of Mount Olympus!

We turn back and park up at the ski centre where we hire some sledges for only €5 each – they actually wanted more down in Troodos village and were going to limit us to 2 hours. Here we had unlimited time!

It was mid week in January and relatively quiet, perfect for some sledging fun! There are also a number of skiing routes for which equipment can also be hired – check out for more details.

When we were perfectly chilled through (it was -2c after all!) and exhausted we headed into the restaurant where we enjoyed a reasonably priced, yet massive, kebab and chips!

Later that afternoon we hit the beach and watch the sun go down with a chilled beer in our hand. It’s a cliche but it really is possible to ski in the morning and beach it in the afternoon when in Cyprus 🙂

VIDEO: Troodos Mountains Drive up Mount Olympus and Sledging Fun!

Check out the footage from the passenger seat of our trusty Ford Fiesta as we head up the mountains! And don’t forget to give us a thumbs up and subscribe to our channel – it all helps – thanks!

Sledging Fun in the Troodos Mountains

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