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The Soller Tram journey is a very popular attraction in Majorca. Travelling from the village of Soller on the north west coast of Majorca down to Port de Sóller on the coast, the tram is often packed! However on our return trip we were lucky enough to have the WHOLE TRAM to OURSELVES!

The route departs from the tram depot next to the train station (for the train to Palma) and makes it’s way through the town passing the San Bartolomé church and through the main square. It makes it’s way out into the countryside where it starts its descent down to the port. The views are pretty spectacular as you can see the Mallorca Mountains. As it approaches the port the tram makes its way along the seafront, passing the beautiful beaches and many beachside bars and restaurants before arriving just close to the marina.

After exploring the port we went to catch the tram back up into the main village but literally just missed it. However a member of staff was kind enough to arrange for us to travel on another tram immediately afterwards. As everyone had squeezed onto the one in front we ended up having the whole tram to ourselves for the entire journey back up!

The tram journey cost us €6 per person per way and we’d highly recommend it. You can find out more by visiting

VIDEO: Soller Tram Ride

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Soller Tram Journey – Exclusive Use!

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