Shanklin Chine

Shanklin Chine is situated on the Isle of Wight and is another popular tourist attraction on the island.

In case you didn’t know a chine is a deep narrow ravine with water running down to the sea and this one is the largest chine on the Isle of Wight with a drop of 32m to sea level and a length of just over 400m. The chine starts at the top of the cliffs at Shanklin Old Village and carves it’s way down to the beach below. With waterfalls and lush vegetation the chine is home to over 50 varieties of wild plants and attracts a number of animals and birdlife including foxes, badgers, red squirrels, dragonflies, damselflies, butterflies, blackbirds, robins and blue tits. Plus there is an aviary which cares for rescued birds including cockatiels and parrots.

At the bottom of the chine there is the Victorian Chine Lodge which houses a tea garden, gift shop and heritage centre.

One thing we did miss was the ‘Illuminations’ whereby the chine is lit up with hundreds of lights, illuminating the pathways, streams and waterfalls. This happens every night throughout the summer however we unfortunately didn’t have the time to stay. We imagine the chine looks quite magical all lit up!

We paid £4.60 each to get in (summer 2018). To be honest we were actually quite surprised when we realised we had to pay, we had assumed (wrongly!) that it was free. And we actually felt it was a little expensive for what was just a walk through a chine. Yes it is beautiful but we’ll admit we were slightly disappointed with the ‘waterfalls’, again maybe we were expecting a bit more…..but no we weren’t expecting Niagara! We’d personally suggest visiting at night when it’s illuminated, think that may be more ‘value for money’, but please don’t let how we feel sway your choice.

You can find out more about the Chine by visiting !

VIDEO: Shanklin Chine, Isle of White

Despite our feelings over the cost the chine is beautiful. Check out our video below to see for yourself and please subscribe to our channel for updates on our new videos

A stroll through Shanklin Chine

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