Powerboating Old Harry Rocks

So here we are on board a RIB with a Yamaha 225 engine on the back, and we take it for a little spin from Sandbanks in Poole across to Swanage. During the trip we each got the chance to take the helm as we powered along the Jurassic Coast.

Our trip began at the beautiful Sandbanks beach where we un-elegantly clambered aboard our RIB, not an easy task when you are over waist deep in water and the boat is moving!

We headed over towards Studland before tracking the coast out to Old Harry Rocks, a stack of chalk formations on the Jurassic Coast. Here we encounter our first tide race as the sea kicks up and causes some waves for us to play in.

Once through the race we enjoy a blat along the cliff face giving us the opportunity to see this magnificent coastline up close before blasting our way across Swanage Bay.

At the opposite end of the bay is Peveril Point, where the water flows over two ledges and creates another tidal race – the Peveril Point tide race! Here the waves were higher than those we had enjoyed at Old Harry but not a problem for our RIB which easily bounced through the waves (not a place we would want to be in a sail boat though!).

After the excitement of the race we headed back towards Poole, this time taking a slightly more offshore route.

Our trip was with The Watersports Academy who are based at the Sandbanks Hotel in Poole. They offer various ways to get out on the water such as kayaking, paddleboarding, sailing and of course powerboating! If you’re in the area make sure to check them out! – https://thewatersportsacademy.com/

VIDEO: Powerboating – Old Harry Rocks & Peveril Point Tide Race

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Powerboating at Old Harry Rocks and through Peveril Point Tide Race!

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