Sky Walk Glass Floor Spinnaker Tower

We’re 100 metres above sea level standing on a glass floor, this does NOT feel NATURAL!

We’re at the Emirates Spinnaker Tower in Portsmouth which stands at a height of 170 metres and features a glass floor at 100 metres above sea level! Located in Gunwharf Quays in Portsmouth Harbour the tower (originally called the Portsmouth Millennium Tower) is one of the UK’s tallest accessible structures.

The attraction cost £11.50 per person and even offers a view guarantee! If you can’t see the 3 Solent forts on the day of your visit then you can visit again for free within 3 months!

Luckily we didnt have that problem on the day we visited as the sun was shining and the skies crystal clear. This meant we had some incredible views!

Apart from the incredible views the other main attraction within the structure is indeed the glass floor. Called the ‘Sky Walk’ it is made up of 4 panes of glass and can hold a total weight of 288 stone. Walking across it is a strange feeling…you know it will hold you but it feels so weird and you feel yourself holding your breath and your heart beats faster…bizarre!

Anyhow see for yourself with our video and if you’re ever in Portsmouth go really see for yourself, just make sure it’s a sunny day!

VIDEO: Spinnaker Tower Glass Floor

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Don’t Look Down…Glass Floor Walk!

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